Web/survaillance cam – which model? – updated

Since last winter I have been hosting a webcam showing the area in front of the apartment building I currently live in. I have tried af few different cam’s but the best image i have found so far at a reasonable price is a combination of a logitech usb webcam with the mjpeg streamer server. First i used a pro 9000 cam but switched later to a Quickcam Sphere AF.

As of lately i have been looking into virtualising my home server setup – but using a usb cam from within a virtual server provides some challenges so i would like to replace the current setup with a ip enabled cam, but which one should I choose that provides a good image for a reasonable price??

I settled for a Cisco WVC210. It is an ok cam at a decent price. The image is allright and it is possible to configure and control it without a windows box – the last point is quite important for me!

Java memory

Dammit. Just had do do a kill -9 on my glassfish server because it was failing with “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space”. MaxPermGen is currently set to 256m – which should be more than enough for those few small apps i have on my glassfish installation – but to be on the safe side it’s now increased to 384m.

TrainInfo DK finally reached v1.0.0

Hmm it’s been more than 1½ year since i published the first version of this little android tool, but now I finally implemented the last feature that I wanted to do before hitting the big 1.0. Yes it is not pretty and it could need a graphical overhaul but feature-wise I am pretty satisfied with the current state.

What was the newest feature you may ask. Well it was a settings dialog with two user-configurable parameters:
1) Preferred method for determining users position when using the “find nearest stations feature”
2) Which traintype should be shown as default when looking at departures from a station which is services by both regional and S-tog.

Android Market page

Hello world

So here we go once again. I have previously tried and failed to get started with some kind of blog or cms to publish various writings … but have always stopped because of lack of new content. But now i’m starting a site again – primarily because an old colleague in a chat session said that he would love to see a blog entry about some piece of code i wrote recently.