TrainInfo DK

By Torben Nielsen -
Latest version is: 1.1.11 - released 2012-07-27 (please make sure you are using the latest version!)

Locates the nearest danish railway station, and let the user view the next departures - including status info such as cancelled or delayed trains.

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How to add a station to the favorites list?
Find the wanted station by either find nearest station for search by name. When you have the station-list, do a long press on the station and select "Add to favorites" in the popup menu. Same procedure is used to remove a station from the favorites-list.
Not relevant after 1.1.0 Do i have to write the entire station name when searching for stations?
No, you can just enter a part of the station name, and it will find all stations whose name start with that string. For instance will a search on "hor" return both "Horsens" and "Hornslet"
What if I can't find the danish characters when searching
If you are using another locale / keyboard you can use ae instead of æ, oe instead of ø and aa instead of å
Limitations in data & service

Unfortunately does this application not support all stations in Denmark. The backend service that i get the departure data from does not support all the trains and stations serviced by Lokalbanen A/S in northern Zealand - "lille nord" is supported though. Furthermore are there some minor stations /request stops on the minor privately owned railways that aren't supported, for instance RegionsTog A/S (formerly Vestsjællands banen etc.) . Other than that, i think there is full coverage for the rest of denmark

Furthermore since the data is acquired from a website belonging to a 3rd party that i don't have any affiliation with, i have no control over the data or the availability over this service. When the winter is over us and the snow obstructs the train operations, many people tend to visit this 3rd party website, and it goes down over the pressure. That results in a situation where I can't get the data necessary to service TrainInfo DK - but as it is, I can not improve this other than make my application more resistant to backend failures.